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Rules Of Competition

1. The competition will take place with participation of amateur teams of companies representing local IT industry.

2. Any company can represent itself at the competition by the unlimited number of teams.

3. Professional players signed up in the list of Football Federation of Armenia are deprived of the right to participate in the amateur competition. The team that will violate the given conditions will be dismissed from the competition.

4. The numbers of the players presented in the application must not exceed 12. The teams are to take part according to the corresponding application. The application is not subject to change after its submission. The team that will violate the given conditions will be dismissed from the competition.

5. For further proceedings an application list naming the team and the players is to be presented. The list must be signed and sealed by the manager of the submitting company.

6. There are 28 teams to participate in the competition. All teams will be divided into 4 sub-groups. The place taken in the sub-group will be defined according to the following indices: a) maximal points, b) the difference between the numbers of scored and missed goals, c) the maximal number of scored goals. In case all the indices coincide the selection will be disposed of by the lottery. The 4 winners of the sub-groups will compete with in 1/8 final due to Olympic competition system. The couples of 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 final will be announced in accordance with the game schedule at the beginning of the championship. The winners of the 1/2 final will reach the final, and the losers will compete with for the third place.

7. According to the Olympic competition System in case the game ends in draw, the teams will be given additional 10 minutes (5×5), and the winner will be defined by means of “silver goal” rule, and if it does not help in the definition of the winner, 5 six-meter kicks are settled. If the main kicks do not define the winner, the teams kick six-meter penalty till scoring a victory.

8. The duration of one game is 50 minutes (25×25). All the games are held with the breaks of 10 minutes. The football-players play with the ball of number 4 that is stipulated for FUTSAL. The games are being held in accordance with FUTSAL rules, with some small exceptions. 4 field players and a goalkeeper will take part in the game. The number of replacements is not limited.

9. If a team doesn’t present itself for a game, it will be considered lost for it with 0:6 score. However, the arrived team will be waiting for the adversary for 10 minutes.

10. The games are held under the direction of the arbiters appointed by the Football Federation of Armenia.

11. The means of penalty: in case of the two warnings (in the result of which the player is removed from the field) the player is disqualified for one game. In case of not declared player (or in case the player pretends to be another one), the game will be considered lost for that team with the score 0:6.




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